Renewable energy has seen a huge uptake in recent years, with advancements in technology meaning faster returns on investment and real long term savings. Thanks to a push from manufacturers into the domestic market these new technologies are available to every home at increasingly affordable initial investments.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps harness solar energy from just beneath the ground surface. When there is plenty of land available this is normally the most cost effective method. Polyethylene pipe is laid in trenches approximately 1m deep and a mixture of water and food grade anti-freeze (‘brine’) is circulated to collect energy from the ground. With over 15 years experience in the heat pump industry, our staff offer skills in air and ground source heat pump design, horizontal ground loop design, borehole dimensioning, installation and commissioning.  Suitable for large houses, to flats, to commercial premises.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Now is the time to rethink the way we heat our homes and hot water. Central heating systems, as we know them today, are about to change dramatically. Why? Fuel prices are rising and the more eco-conscious amongst us also want to reduce our impact on the environment. Air Source Heat Pump systems are more than capable of delivering all of a home’s heating and hot water requirements throughout the year – even when the temperature outside is down to -20C.

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