A data centre should provide an environment in support of business continuity. Our clients rely on their information systems to carry out crucial business operations without disruption. Our aim is to provide a reliable infrastructure for information technology operations, offering a secure environment and insuring both durability and functionality.

From floor plan to fit-out and completion, Prospero can provide a full turn-key service that is integrated and simple. Prospero encompasses all aspects of current energy-efficient data centre construction, from shell or refurbishment through to the supply and installation of racks and equipment. Our designs are modular and flexible to meet the distinct requirements of your business.

To ensure your Data Centre is best equipped to meet the individual needs of your company, our first objective is always to identify them early. Both now and moving forwardswe endeavour to understand the direction in which you and your business are going.

As an independent supplier, we can supply, design and install our systems either individually or as part of a complete design and build package to any redundancy level. We work closely with our clients throughout this process, ensuring that the final design is flexible enough to meet the demands of an ever-changing technological market, and functional enough to allow efficient operations from your opening day.

Once a facility is fully operational, all systems and environments are fully maintained by our engineers and specially trained technicians, who work hard to preserve optimal energy utilisation and ensure the functionality and longevity of your critical hardware.

Design & Installation

Air Conditioning

High Density Computer Cooling

In an area densely populated by computer hardware, cooling is of great importance. Our experts will design a complete cooling system to suit the needs of your facility.

Cold-aisle containment

In a high density computer environment, cold and hot isles are an ideal solution for handling air, in provision for the highest efficiency of cooling performance.

Free-cooling systems

Saving energy and money is a priority for any business. In an industry where it is pivotal that cooling is required 24/7, it seems a waste to decline putting to good use what nature has provided on those coldest of winter days. Free-cooling can reduce the energy consumed by your cooling systems by up to 50% in a year.

Chilled Water

Chilled water is a preferred medium for cooling high density computer rooms, the higher the evaporation temperature, the more you will save on energy.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

In the event of a mains power failure, a UPS allows seamless protection from input interruptions by means of attached batteries and back-up generators until the mains power can be restored.

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

As the name suggests, a PDU is a device that is designed to apportion mains power being distributed in such a way that a number of individual units may benefit without any associated increase in risk. These units come in varying sizes and technicalities to suit your needs.

Standby generators

A stand alone back-up generator provides peace of mind that temporary power can be provided in the event of a mains power outage. This allows your normal business practise to continue without interruptions.

Standard & emergency lighting solutions

We can supply, fit and connect a complete range of lighting devices. Whether you need emergency lighting in case of a fire, or just standard lighting for your office or shop, we have an economical and environmentally friendly solution.

Complete new circuits and rewiring

Our highly skilled electrical engineers are well practised in all aspects of safe electrical employment. They will do a professional job whether you want a new mains socket in a recently occupied print room, or the complete wiring of your new premises.


Smoke detectors

Under fire safety law, established in 2006, anyone in charge of non-domestic premises has a legal responsibility to ensure that adequate fire detection measures are in place. Smoke detectors offer an easy and reliable solution.

Manual alert devices

‘Break-glass’ devices are often situated along fire escape routes and near fire exits. They offer a second, manual alert system in case a fire be identified before any smoke is detected, or as a trigger for a suppression system.

Sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems can be fitted and plumbed in, they offer fire protection by means of suppression. The sensitivity of these devices can be adjusted to suit the needs of your premises and the level of risk involved.

Inert Gas suppression systems

In an environment containing high value electronic equipment, a sprinkler system is not an option when it comes to fire suppression. Inert gases can prevent the spread of fire by absorbing oxygen from the surrounding air, and starving it.


Digital access control systems

Digital access control systems:

Prospero employee’s can supply and fit a complete range of access control devices. With simple keypad locks fitted to entrance doors and fully automated swipe card entry systems, you can record and log the movement of staff around a building. This prevents access to unauthorized personnel, either permanently or at specified times.

CCTV monitoring systems

We can supply and fit CCTV systems which allow you to monitor activity around your premises from a specified control room. With our systems you can record images 24 hours a day, allowing for playback should there be an incident.

Intruder alarms

If you are worried about the security of your premises, we are able to provide solutions to protect against ‘unwanted guests’, including alarms linked directly to an offsite monitoring company, alarms sounding within the building or a nominated person.


Once a facility is operational all systems and environments must be maintained to ensure the functionality and longevity of your critical hardware, and to ensure optimal energy utilisation.

Maintenance of all M&E Systems

All mechanical and electrical systems are prone to wear and tear throughout the lifetime of the equipment, and this is often caused by nothing more than standard usage.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

A proper PPM plan will maintain your equipment, extending its life and saving you money in operating costs.

Prospero offers PPM for the following M&E systems:

    • high density cooling – glycol monitoring
    • electrical – thermal imaging
    • plumbing and heating
    • fire protection
    • security

Call-Out Service

We offer a 24 hour call-out service to respond to any break-down of M&E systems, keeping your operations running as smoothly as possible.

Our critical sites are set up to notify us via SMS, email or phone in the event of a breakdown or emergency.

Our vans are fitted with tracker devices enabling us to send the nearest available engineer to your premises as quickly as possible.

Assessment & Monitoring Services

As a company who understands the changing monitoring requirements of a corporate building, we can provide you with a range of flexible environment and systems monitoring solutions that change with the needs of your staff and premises.

We can review and advise on:

    • risk assessments: including health & safety
    • fire protection and water quality
    • energy efficiency

Our new EnergyFocus contracts are your opportunity to upgrade your premises and existing energy systems at no extra cost to you, offering you a guaranteed reduction in energy consumption, and long term savings on bills. To discuss how this plan may benefit your business, please contact us to arrange for an energy technician to visit you at your premises.

Environmental Monitoring

Airborne Particle Counts

An airborne particle count is a quantitative measurement of the cleanliness of your hosting rooms, and gives a value of contaminants that are currently a risk to your equipment.

Our technicians will provide you with a detailed report that will prove your compliance with ISO 14644-1

Temperature/Relative Humidity

Fluctuations or extremes in temperature and relative humidity can affect the functionality of computer equipment, and in extreme cases cause it to fail completely.

By monitoring these conditions you can ensure that your air handling plant is functioning efficiently.

Differential Pressure

The differential pressure within your controlled environments is crucial to the efficient distribution of cool and hot air around your equipment.

Monitoring these conditions can highlight any potential problems.

Professional Cleaning Services

Tops of Floor Monthly Service

Your data centre floor has been specially designed to conduct any amount of static electricity away from your equipment. A build-up of dust or poor cleaning practice can seriously affect the conductivity of this important feature.

Our monthly cleaning process will safely remove any build-up of dust on equipment housing and floor surfaces, and our cleaning chemicals have been specially developed to maintain the anti-static properties of your facility.

Annual Clean Room Deep-Clean

Although a monthly cleaning schedule will minimise the build-up of contamination within crucial areas of your facility, an annual deep-clean is required to completely de-contaminate the area, including the sub-floor zone.

The sub-floor zone delivers cool, filtered air to the sensitive equipment above. Unfortunately, because of gravity, this is also the area most prone to a build-up of dirt and dust. If allowed to accumulate this dust will be swept up in the circulating air and can lead to systematic system failure, an increased risk of fire or accidental fire suppressant discharge.

Strip & Re-Polish of High Traffic Areas

The high traffic areas of your facility can often become scuffed and dull as time moves on, and as these areas are part of the raised floor system in most facilities, this can affect its anti-static effects.

As part of our service we will re-apply layers of anti-static finish to the raised-floor tiles, removing any previous layers if it appears there is a build-up.

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