Today, a small business without a server providing the needs of the office is an exception rather than the rule and yet this business critical equipment is often situated in the most precarious of locations often unsecured and often without back-up power supplies or adequate cooling.

Using experience gained in the construction of data centres and other technical environments, Prospero have the ability to design cost-effective comms rooms which are capable of utilising those difficult to use areas in your office, but more importantly which can help your company comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, PCI Compliance, ISO 27001 and insurance and regulatory requirements relating to business continuity planning.

Having designed and built a number of small comms rooms housing as few as 1 rack, Prospero have found that once these are live, access to them to show potential customers is limited if at all available. To this end we have put our money where our mouth is and built our own comms room to showcase what can be achieved in a 2.4m x 3.3m space. Not only does this house 4, 42u racks, N+1 cooling equipment, N+1 UPS’s and fire detection and suppression equipment, it also demonstrates many energy-efficient initiatives as well as multiple environmental monitors covering temperature, humidity, power use, access control and other security measures.

If you would like to see what can be achieved in such a small space please contact us to arrange a visit.

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