Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a quality working environment for both your staff and your computer equipment. We take cleaning very seriously and have the specialist personnel and materials to ensure your business environment is kept clean at all times.

Data Centre Cleaning

Contamination in a data centre or computer room can be held accountable for 70% of failure to sensitive equipment, which can often result in costly downtime.  Precision cleaning prevents unplanned downtime, saving both time and financial cost to your business.

Unscheduled downtime can also cause large scale disruption to any company’s systems and operations, including the potential loss of money.  It is therefore crucial that a data centre is cleaned, minimising downtime and reducing any potential to a cause for the invalidation of your hardware warranty.

Tops of floor monthly service

Your data centre floor has been specially designed to conduct any amount of static electricity away from your equipment.  Any build-up of dust or poor cleaning practice can seriously affect the conductivity of this important feature.

Our monthly cleaning process will safely remove any build-up of dust on equipment housing and floor surfaces.  Our innovative cleaning chemicals have been specially developed to maintain the anti-static properties of your facility.

Annual clean-zone deep-clean

Although a monthly cleaning schedule will minimise the build-up of contamination within crucial areas of your facility, an annual deep-clean is required to completely decontaminate the area, including the sub-floor zone.

The sub-floor zone delivers cool, filtered air to the sensitive equipment above.  Unfortunately, because of gravity, this is also the area most prone to a build-up of dirt and dust.  If left to accumulate, this dust will be swept up in the circulating air and can lead to systematic system failure, an increased risk of fire or accidental fire suppressant discharge.

Strip and re-polish of high traffic areas

The high traffic areas of your facility can often become scuffed and dull as time moves on, and as these areas are part of the raised floor system in most facilities, this can affect its antistatic effects.

As part of our service we will reapply layers of antistatic finish to the raised-floor tiles, removing any previous layers if it appears there is a build-up.

Data Centre Environmental Monitoring

The standards laid out in ISO 14644-1 provide a viable way to achieve and record that all important quantitative measurement of air cleanliness.

By our adherence to these standards, a facility will see both heightened business interests from those looking for a reliable facility to select as their host, and a significant reduction in their insurance pay-out.

Our data centre technicians are properly trained in the collection and interpretation of data centre monitoring results.

They are able to test and provide reports on:

Airborne Particle Counts

An airborne particle count is a quantitative measurement of the cleanliness on your hosting rooms, evaluating the contaminants that are a risk to your equipment.

Our technicians will provide you with a detailed report, as evidence to your compliance with ISO 14644-1

Temperature/Relative Humidity

Fluctuations or extremes in temperature and relative humidity can affect the functionality of computer equipment, and in extreme cases cause it to fail completely.

By monitoring these conditions you can ensure that your air handling plant is functioning efficiently.

Differential Pressure

The differential pressure within your controlled environments is crucial to the efficient distribution of cool and hot air around your equipment.

Monitoring these conditions can highlight any potential problems.

Air Velocity

The velocity of cooled and heated air travelling around your data centre should be operating at optimal levels which allow enough airflow for sufficient cooling of server equipment, without agitating any particles which have settled.  Monitoring these conditions can identify if air handling units are set up incorrectly or identify any development of potential problems.

General office space cleaning

Our office cleaners have extensive experience of cleaning for ‘high profile’ clients, and are well versed in BICSc cleaning standards.

The combination of experience and training has afforded our employees with the development of a unique professionalism. Their collaboration with our data centre technicians, means that we can offer our clients a complete office cleaning service.

Nightly Cleaning Service

It is widely documented that workplace cleanliness is a major contributor to staff morale.

Our nightly cleaning service will work to ensure that your office facilities are kept sparkling clean, tailored to suit your needs and offers little or no disruption to your standard working hours.

Deep-clean, including the “hard to reach” bits

Although we do our best to be as thorough as we can each night, there are still some hard-to-reach places that are not so feasible to clean daily. For this reason, we offer an occasional deep-clean service, including cleaning inside cupboards, fridges, microwaves, carpet shampooing and the re-polishing of hard floors.

Workstation Surface Disinfection

The surface of a computer workstation is exposed to huge amounts of bacteria and viruses each day, easily spread amongst your staff if not handled appropriately.

By disinfecting these surfaces we can help you minimise the spread of germs, which may contribute to a healthier working environment and  more importantly, a reduction in sick days amongst your staff.

Hardware deep clean service

Like server equipment, your standard workstation hardware can be affected by the nasty build up of dust around the internal circuitry and mechanics. Therefore, periodic deep-cleaning can maximise operational efficiency and prolong the life of your equipment.

‘Blitz’ Cleaning

Whether it be:

    • a Landlord, wishing to clean their property before the arrival of a new tenant
    • a construction company who does not have the resources to ensure your recent project is ready for occupation
    • a private house move
    • a large or small-scale data centre
    • an ISP
    • a network control centre
    • a UPS room
    • a computer room
    • a raised floor area (Sub-floors)
    • or any critical environment technology facility

our team of professional operatives will ensure that your facility is left looking practically brand new.

24/7 Facility Restoration

To all of our contract customers we offer an additional 24 hour call-out option, should you be struck down by a catastrophic event.

Following a disaster such as a flood, leakage, or fire suppressant discharge, our team of operatives will be available to begin restoring your facility back to it’s usual glory when it is deemed safe to enter the premises.

For further details, please speak to our representative during your site evaluation.

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