Security has long been a vital element of any large infrastructure, especially important where expensive or critical equipment is involved.  As a partner of MOBOTIX we can offer state of the art solutions used worldwide, backed by expert knowledge and support you can rely on.  Thanks to their unlimited scalability and high performance, MOBOTIX cameras are suitable both for large facilities like airports and, given their integrated event, storage, alarm and telephony functions, for smaller businesses and private premises.

The Key Advantages Of MOBOTIX At A Glance:

Tried And Proven In 100,000 Applications – Maximum Reliability

Over 100,000 MOBOTIX systems are in use successfully throughout the world. These cameras
operate without any problems around the clock.

Complete Solution – Everything From A Single Source

MOBOTIX offers both the cameras and tailored video management software for use in
the bank’s head office and at branches, both for old and new buildings.

Less Cameras – Lowest Procurement Costs

High-resolution images deliver more detail. Thus, fewer cameras are needed overall.
For example, one MOBOTIX camera can be used to monitor two teller areas at the same time.

IT Standard – Lowest Installation Costs

MOBOTIX cameras are connected to a computer network using inexpensive standard
IT components (just like connecting a printer).

Software Included – Lowest Operating Costs

Software complying to BGV C 9 regulation comes with the cameras and has no license costs or other
expenses. Each camera consumes just 3 to 4 watts, which means very low power consumption.

No Mechanical Moving Parts – Lowest Maintenance Costs

Robust housings reinforced with fiberglass, hidden cabling and no moving parts ensure that
MOBOTIX cameras have a long life without maintenance expense.

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