Nothing provides all year round climate control like Air Conditioning, the function of which manages the temperature, movement, humidity and cleanliness of air inside a building.  Designed to cool a room in a hot summer and heat in the frosty winter months, our units have a mission: to create long lasting and ‘trouble free’ Air Conditioning for our clients when they need it most.

Prospero are a ‘D1’ partner with Daikin Air Conditioning. This means we can provide a complete ‘turn key’ design and installation.  We are audited frequently by the manufacturer to ensure we comply with their high standards.  Daikin are so confident of our work they will honour you with a 5 year factory warranty for our installation.

Split Systems

A standard split system can have one or more indoor units operated by a single outdoor unit, offering near silent operation and easily adjustable cooling.

VRV Systems

We can supply and fit the latest Daikin VRV systems, allowing your offices the flexibility to simultaneously heat and cool through just one outdoor condensing unit.

High Density Computer Cooling

In an area densely populated by computer hardware, cooling is of great importance.  Our experts will design a complete cooling system to suit the needs of your facility.

Cold-aisle Containment

In a high density computer environment, cold and hot isles are an ideal solution for handling air to provide highest efficiency cooling performance.

Free cooling systems

Saving energy and money is a priority for any business, but in an industry where cooling is required 24/7, it seems a waste not to put to use what nature had provided on the coldest of winter days.

Free-cooling can reduce the energy consumed by your cooling systems by a huge 50% in a year.

Our design and installation process for Air Conditioning supplies our clients with peace of mind, keeping comfort and cost-saving solutions at the frontline of our business.

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